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  1. Had a wonderful experience. When I first walked in I explained to Chris that if what you guys are fixing is not the issue than don’t fix he said ok. They put the bushings on my lower control arm and it would appear that the noise is was experiencing went away. Not even 3 minutes into my trip to the store the squeak came back. I immediately went back to Milex and explained that the sound had came back. The mechanic and I went back out and found that 2 bars were rubbing. They fixed it and did not nickle and dime me. Milex you guys have a customer now. I don,t mind paying they cost of repairs but please don’t nickle and dime me.

    June 26, 2016

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What Our Customers Say?

  • Jason H. ( Customer Lobby )
    No complaints. Excellent all around service.
    The staff at Milex Auto Care and Mr Transmissions is excellent. They get everything done in a timely fashion. They are honest, which goes a long way in this line of work. I have no complaints about this company.
  • Kara M. ( Customer Lobby )
    I've worked with Milex Auto Care and Mr Transmissions multiple times in the past. They've fixed my brakes, service engines, lights, and other things. They do their job very quickly and efficiently. They were very honest and I've always paid the price they quoted in the beginning. I would recommend their services.